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Dear Teachers,

The ignITE Skills Challenge 2021 has been concluded. Congratulations to all winners. We hope that you have discovered new ideas and realised your passion in skills.

See you next year!

For more information on ELIGIBILITY AND RULES, please refer below:


Rule #1

ignITE Skills Challenge 2021 is open to students doing ISC or students in the Normal (Technical)/ (Academic) Streams

Rule #2

Each team must be made up of three students from the same level and cohort

Rule #3

Each student may join only one team

Rule #4

Students need to attend only ONE virtual workshop between 05 April to 09 April 2021

Rule #5

Top nine teams of each challenge will be shortlisted to compete in the Final Challenge


For this year’s ignITE 2021, we have a total of 15 different challenges dedicated to Normal Stream students and challenges them to showcase their technical prowess in a range of skills areas.